About the painter

Being self-taught, Fernand D'Haene made his first brushstroke in 1971, still painting now and then. In 1989 he began to paint with more passion. Fernand was an ardent admirer of Jan Vermeer, whose work he copied many times. From 1991 he began to paint his own creations, as a result of the personal painting technique, his works are a modern-impressionistic power that reveals itself in his tableaus and portraits.

His reproduction of the Lamb Of God : Everything began with a visit to the saint-baafs-cathedral in Ghent. His family challenged him to paint the "Lamb Of God" of the brothers Van Eyck.

Fernand D'Haene and his reproduction of the Lamb of God

It wasn't easy, you are not allowed to take pictures of the painting in the cathedral, so he bought all possible postcards and posters.

The most difficult thing was the colors. He went back 84 times to see the real "Lamb Of God". Each time he took some color samples with him to compare. He finished every pannel completely, painted front-and-backside, put three covers of varnish on it and placed it in a frame, before he began to paint the next one. He didn't paint on oak wood like the brothers Van Eyck, because the kind of dry oak of 1432 is now not available anymore and the chance that it would burst is too big. The colors of the reproduction are also a bit brighter than the original work in the Saint-Baafs-Cathedral, but that is only a problem of time.

You can also see the pannel of the "Fair Judges" on the reproduction. The only difference with the original painting is the appearance of the king. Fernand D'Haene allowed himself one artistic freedom: One little tile on the pannel of "The Singing Angels" mentions his initials instead of the original.

Sometimes Fernand was really tired of this huge work and then he seeked some diversion by painting a work of his own.