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Luci Comparata Invenitur Prior - Landor est enim Lucis Eterne et speculum sine macula Dei.
Compared with the light, she's still the first. She's after all the glow of the eternal light and the immaculate mirrors of God

Text like a quatrain

Pictor Hubertus e Eyck major quo nemo repertus incepit pondusque Johannes arte secundus (frater) perfecit Judoci Vijd prece fretus VersU seXta MaIVos CoLLoCat aCta tUerI
The painter Hubertus van Eyck, a great painter, started this work and his brother John, second in his art, finished this huge work, just as Jacodus Vijd had asked.

The Lamb of God middlepanel

Textcurve John

Hic est Baptista Johannes, Maior homine, par angelis Legis Summa, Evangelii sacio, apostolorum vox, silencium prophetarum Lucerna mundi, Domini testis
The John the Baptist, greater than human being, the equal of the angels, above the law, who spread the gospel, the star of the apostles, the silence of the prophets, the light of the world, the witness of the lo

Angels making music

Laudate eum in Cordes et Organo
Praise him with strings and organs

Singing Angels

Melos Deo, Laus perhennes, gratiarum actio
A song for God, eternal honour, expression of gratitude


Adam nos in mortem praecifitat
Adam brings us to death


Eva occidendo obfuit
Eve gives cause for bringing someone to death